Use Multiple Monitors on HP Compaq 6910P with docking station

Looking for the most efficient cost effective way to add a 3rd monitor to an HP Compaq 6910P that is used on a docking station. I have one aux monitor working off the docking station. Use is normal spread sheets, pdf’s etc.

Hi Roger-

Thanks for posting with your question!

I use our universal laptop dock, the UD-160A with a secondary UGA-2K-A connected to one of the USB ports on the UD-160A. This way I still only have to connect one USB cable when I get to work and want both my external monitors. Which docking station you use doesn’t matter too much, as long as it provides sufficient power for all the devices you’ve connected.

Our most affordable USB graphics adapter that would work would be the UGA-125

Please note that the UGA-125 supports a maximum resolution of:
DisplayLink DL-125 chip up to 1440×900 / 1400×1050 / 1280×1024 on higher-res monitors

This means if you have a newer HD 1920x1080 display you’ll need the slightly higher-end UGA-165:

If you have a REALLY nice expensive monitor with a resolution above 1920x1080, you’ll want a UGA-2K-A like I use:

I hope this answers your question, but please let us know if you’ve any others!

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Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies