USB3-SATA-UASP1 Windows 8.1 Issues

Windows 8.1

This doesn’t work properly on my windows 8.1 machine. The drive is picked up by USB and It attempts to mount the drive but the My Computer window just hangs, the data is never made accessible. This continues until I power off the USB dock.

Alternatively on my Windows 7 machine the dock works flawlessly. Is there some things I can try to get it working on Windows 8.1?


Same issue here, I am surprised no one responded to help on this topic…

Hi Chad and Saad,

Troubleshooting this type of behavior can get a bit involved, as there can be several causes and solutions.

It will be helpful to have additional information regarding driver version info, log files, etc, to get a better idea what might be causing this behavior. Our troubleshooting tool gathers these so they can be emailed to us for analysis. The download link and instructions can be found here:

Please feel free email us (with the logs attached if possible) at so we can start a support ticket (support tickets\emails generally are our main focus, and are answered much more quickly than forum posts).