USB3-HUB7-81X Win 8


Windows 8 seems to not like the hub. After attaching to my new Dell I get a " Unknown Device (Port reset Failed)" in the Devices & Printers window. I plugged a simple mouse into the hub and it works. I then plugged my Seagate 3T ( externally powered with it’s own power adapter) and the dell does not see it. Plugging the Seagate into the Dell directly works fine. Plugged a simple memory stick into the hub and it comes up fine but the yellow triangle warning on the Device window remains. This must be a Win 8 driver issue…any help?


Hi Derek,

Thanks for posting! It’s not unusually for USB 3.0 host controllers to be running on very old drivers which can cause all different types of problems. So, the first thing to check on your machine is which host controller drivers you are running.

This can be done through device manager or you can use our support tool. It’s intended for our graphics products, but the information it gathers helps troubleshoot USB 3.0 problems in general. Here’s instructions on how to run it:…

Let me know what you find in device manager (host controller type and driver date) or send the .zip file that the support tool generates over to and we’ll figure out the next steps.


Plugable Technologies


Hi Derek,

I thanks for sending in your log files, I’ve replied directly.