USB3-HUB7-81X cannot provide charging current

Really, plugable? I just saw the reply about the USB3-HUB7-81X not being able to charge a device. I plug my tablet into my desktop for updates, exchanges and file transfers. Your USB hub (with a 4-AMP power supply) cannot provide charging power so that my tablet can communicate and charge at the same time? Instead I must plug in the tablet, wait for it to charge, plug it into the hub (and it’s discharging again) transfer the information, then plug it into the charger again if I want to go out on the road with a fully-charged tablet? One of the reasons I bought a hub with a high-current supply was the expectation that it would be able to “source” enough current for operation and charging of the connected device. Here I sit after a long weekend, with a dead tablet and waiting for the charger to charge it enough to be able to get my data transferred and use it for work. (Not to mention missing out on the “app-only” offers on Cyber Monday because the tablet is dead.) Great hub for communication, but the reply “sorry, we don’t provide power for your device” is a disappointing answer. I have a 4-port “pocket hub” for my laptop from a different manufacturer, and it will source up to 2.0A on (only) one port from its power supply. I expected the HUB7 to have similar functionality. I needed the extra ports on the desktop to eliminate the need for so much plug/unplug. Sadly plug-and-unplug-and-plug-again is plugable’s answer, a disappointment.

Not all powered hubs are able to charge devices like phones and tablets. While our answer is a disappointment, you will find this is true of many hubs on the market. Unless they specifically call out charging compatibility, it’s a gamble if it will charge the device or not.

It’s not simply a matter of available current, but a matter of the device and hub being USB-IF BC 1.2 compliant or not. Modern devices do not usually just draw power, but rather there is a “handshake” between the hub/charger and device to initiate the charge.

You mentioned your hub from us has a 4A power adapter. This means it is our previous version of our USB3-HUB7-81X and is not BC1.2 compatible and will not charge phones or tablets as it is not capable of the required “handshake” to tell your device it can charge.

BC 1.2 enabled hubs can charge devices at up to 1.5A vs the standard 500mA of available a non BC port which is usually not sufficient enough to charge a device from.

We have a blog post that talks a little bit about the different charging standards that might help clarify these issues:…

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