USB3-E1000 External HDD Question

I have two 1TB G-Drive USB 3.0 HDDs I have hooked to a home PC…used for copy files to as backup. I’m trying to avoid full blown NAS on even some of the cheaper but cluggy NAS Adapter products. These two USB HDDs are near my home router with open 10/100/1000 connections. Can I buy two of your USB3-E1000s and hook them to the G-Drive HDDs and plug into router ? Would my PCs on network be able to see these HDDs and copy files to them ? I assume this device gets assigned a DHCP IP address but not sure how/if it could be IDed on network ? I looked for online manual but did not see one.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for posting the question here. We are sorry but the USB3-E1000 adapter cannot use for that kind of the configuration. The adapter needs to be connected to PC which can drive the adapter. Otherwise, there isn’t any way fo the adapter to get IP address from the router as you suspected.

Sorry about this, but hope it helps!

Plugable Support