USB3 Docking with latest Update still dropping

I have a USB 3 docking station with the latest update that is still dropping repeatedly. I did the update twile. I should have done it in a usb 2 slot as it killed one of my sata drives. Is there any other way to help the droping? I am using an asus G73sw laptop with fresco USB drivers.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting - sorry for the frustration! If USB 2.0 connections are fine, a few quick things to double check on USB 3.0 are:

* Make sure that the USB 3.0 host controller drivers are as up-to-date as you can. (the most common USB 3.0 host controllers from Renesas have been getting driver updates every few months, often with important fixes)

* If you have a USB 3.0 host controller with multiple ports, also try the others. We’ve had several cases where one host controller port will work, while others won’t

* USB 3.0 cables are quite rigid (compared to USB 2.0 cables), and sometimes that can make for tension and a loose connection on an end. Try adjusting the position of dock and cable to avoid looping the cable back on itself too many times, yet also avoid too much tension.

If none of these quick checks pan out, please just email us at with your Amazon order number. We’ll check a few other details, and get you new hardware or whatever is needed to get you up and running.

Thanks again for posting, and for your patience!

I tried with the newest fresco drivers and they seem a tad better, so its not constantly disconnecting every 2 seconds, but now about 15 seconds. I only have the one usb 3 port. it works as usb 2 on all the ports including the usb 3 port with a usb 2 cable. Any other ideas? Could I try the old firmware?

is there a link to the old firmware?

Hi Robert - Thanks for your patience. The older version 2447 firmware can be downloaded at…

We wouldn’t expect better results with older firmware, so if you do find that to be the case, please post back here, as it would be great to know.

And please let us know if there’s anything in particular we can do to help. The Fresco USB 3.0 host controller is not as common as the Renesas chips that have dominated so far, so we don’t have as many datapoints. USB 3.0 is still definitely in the maturing phase.

Please just let us know.


Unfortunately the older firmware did not work as predicted. I would appreciate it if any other updates become available.