USB2-HUB-AG7 does not connect on USB2 ports but does conenct on USB3 ports

I just purchased a 7 Port High Performance Hub (USB2-HUB-AG7) and am having problems getting the hub working. I wrote earlier about this and have some new information to add. I have a HP DV6 laptop with both USB2 and USB3 ports running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit). When I plug the hub into the USB2 ports and boot the machine, the red and blue lights appear for a few seconds until Windows boots the the blue lights turn off and the hub is not recognized by Windows Device Manager. If I plug the hub in a USB3 port the hub is registered with the system and the devices attach properly. This is strange since this hub is a USB2 hub.

Any suggestions on how to use the hub on a USB2 port – I need the USB3 ports for external USB3 drives.