USB2-E100 on Samsung S3

Anyone get the USB2-E100 to work on a rooted Galaxy S3 ?

Hi Lance,

Thank you for posting here about using the USB2-E100 on a Samsung S3.

As you probably know, the USB2-E100 is supported by default in recent Android versions, including the version in the S3. However, Samsung, for whatever reason has chosen to disable that support.

Unfortunately, enabling this support after the fact, even on a rooted device is very difficult, and we are not able to support it. I suggest reaching out to internet communities like the XDA developers ( to see if anyone has information on this.

Plugable Support

Thanks. I did test the USB2-E100 on a stock Moto-X (Republic Wireless) and it worked instantly and perfectly!

Yes, I have a Moto X too, and it worked perfect.