USB-VGA-165 flickering, going in and out of focus, with any mouse movement, etc.

I have a USB-VGA-165 and it is not looking too good. Every movement of the mouse across the screen makes the screen flicker and go in and out of focus. It is running at 1920x1080… I also have an AOC 21" USB monitor attached, which I think uses the same DL-165 chip, and is also running at 1920x1080 - it looks rock solid. Detaching the AOC does nothing to improve the look of the monitor on the USB-VGA-165

EDIT: Did some trouble-shooting: Attached it to a different computer - same issue. Swapped the USB cable - same issue.Tried the monitor with straight VGA connection, and the monitor is fine… so I have isolated the issue to the USB-VGA-165 box.

Hello Eric,

I am sorry to hear this. This sounds like a defective display adapter. I will follow up with a direct email.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies

Well, after receiving a replacement unit from Patric I still had the same issue. Then I tried attaching the adapter to a different monitor, and everything worked fine. very strange… the two monitors are the same model (HP LV2311) and they both work fine over VGA, but one of them doesn’t seem to be compatible with the USB adapter.

A big thank you to Pluggable and Patric for the great support… in the end this seems to have been an issue with a wonky monitor, not the pluggable unit.