USB to Serial Port Connetor Compatible to Windows 10, cha, cha, cha!

I am searching for a USB to RS-232 Serial port connector compatible for Windows 10. I’ve already ordered and sent back 2 other products that really didn’t work with Windows 10, though the write-up said they would. Your Prolific PL2302HX chipset looks promising. Does it really work with Windows 10? (I’m connecting a PACTOR modem to my laptop.)

Jo Anne Gilchrist

Hello Jo Anne - The serial adapter itself is compatible with Windows 10.

The real problem unfortunately can be the device you are trying to connect to or the software-means to connect to the device. If this device has been developed or hardcoded to a legacy application then you would have to find a XP machine with a built-in serial port.

What is the model number of your PACTOR modem?

Hi Patric, Thanks for the reply. My PA CTOR modem is an old one PTC-IIex with PACT OR I I I firmware upgrade. Have been using it successfully with Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 10 caused the problem.

Hi Jo Anne - I am afraid you would have to roll back to Windows 7. All documentation I have found mentions that the software is meant for older operating systems (example ->… bottom of the first page).