USB Switcher has delay being recognized bt Win 7

I switch between a Mac and a Win 7 PC. Mac side is fine, but Win 7 seems to have a delay, sometimes quite long, before it will be recognized. It seems like the problem started after an MS update to Win 7 a couple of months ago. I’ve swapped cables to check them, and don’t use any other cables than those that came with the USB switcher.


If you try swapping the USB cables on the back of the USB switcher does the problem stay with the computer or does seem to be a troubled USB port on the switch itself with the problem now migrating to the Mac?

swapping cables does not change anything - also, this is a delay. the switcher will work on the PC in a little while - sometimes a minute, sometimes longer, but it always ends up working eventually. it started after an update from microsoft some months ago, but i don’t know if that’s related.

We tried to contact you directly via email for some information to send you a replacement but didn’t hear back.

If you can provide your Amazon Order ID, serial # off the bottom of the switch, and the best shipping address to our support email at and mention ticket 89483 we can send you a pretested replacement under warranty.

Best wishes.