USB splitter to work with iPad 4

Hi, can I use this USB-splitter to:
a. plug the DC-cable so the iPad get’s current?
b. plug the cable of a 1D barcode scanner, so the iPad get’s scan data at the same time?

Hi Bart,

Thanks for posting! I’ll be happy to help. Unfortunately, the use case you are describing isn’t something that USB can do. The reason is that USB is a Host/device technology so that the upstream end of the 2 port USB cable will be the host end and the 2 ports are the device end. Both devices that are connected to the 2 ports will be enumerated on the host and not available to each other.

Also, the iPad won’t be able to charge through the 2 port hub. Devices actually choose whether or not to charge from any particular USB port that they are connected to and the iPad won’t get enough power to charge from the 2 port hub unless the iPad is powered off.

Sorry for the bad news, I hope this helps.