USB hub introduced interference with UGA adapters

I have 2 USB 2.0 UGA adapters routed through a USB hub, and it appears that the USB hub is introducing interference to the signal (when I plug the adapters directly into the computer, the interference disappears). Is this a common problem, and are the USB hubs sold by Plugable tested and guaranteed not to do this?

Hi Jode,

Thanks for asking! If the interference is in the form of USB attached VGA displays that work, but have “noise” in the form of dynamically wavy areas of the screen, etc. - that does sound like electrical interference.

We have thousands of customers using our USB graphics adapters with our hubs. It’s super common. Out of those, we get a handful of reports each year of this type of problem – so I can’t guarantee it can’t happen (we definitely see it from time to time) – but the percentages are very low.

The root causes and solutions do vary a little bit when we see it. Among the things that have solved similar issues:

* Shorter/better shielded VGA cables solve the issue.
* Putting the hub’s power adapter on a power conditioning surge protector
* When the problem has happened on direct connect to computer, actually putting the USB adapters on a powered hub with a good power supply (delivering cleaner 5V).

What I’d recommend (after trying a few of those things), is going with one of our hubs, like our USB 2.0 7 port:…

It has a higher quality power supply than you’d normally get with a hub like this (3A).

And if it doesn’t produce better results, please let us know – but returns are easy within 30 days. Just visit and it’s a no-hassle process.

Sorry we can’t be 100% certain, but hope that background helps get to a solution. Thanks!