USB Ethernet adapter only works on some networks.

My usb30e1000 USB ethernet adapter doesn’t work on all networks. It works at home and work, but at a hotel I often stay at it says “unidentified network” and there is no internet. But, plugging that same ethernet cable into another computer works. So, it’s NOT the network. Ideas?

Hi Dan,

Thank you for posting your question.

Having your computer decide that a network is unidentified and not give you access to it is incredibly frustrating, and can be difficult to fix.

This is a decision made by Windows, and is not related to the adapter itself. There are several possible causes for it and possible fixes, depending on which version of Windows you are operating and what you have installed on it. Some network security programs, third-party firewalls, and VPN programs can also cause this.

In many cases, identifying in network in Windows as “Public” can pretty much lock you out of it as well.

Here is a blog post that identifies some of the issues in Windows 7. Similar things can happen in later versions:…

If you like, we have a troubleshooting program that will gather some installation information that may help me to see a possible solution. If you would like me to help with that, please plug in the adapter, connect to a network, and follow the instructions there;


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