USB-C 4K display ports not working

I have 3 4k-supporting Samsung monitors connected via USB-C to my Dell laptop supporting 4k monitors. My 3 monitors had been working for 9 months. Today, my 2 display port monitors are not being identified. Based on a prior post on this subject, I have unplugged the docking station, removed prior version of DisplayLink, cleaned PC using tool from your website and re-installed latest DisplayLink driver. I have rebooted my laptop a few times. The displays using display port are still not working. Any suggestions?


Thanks for contacting us! I am sorry this is not working as expected.

Based on your description of the behavior, our first step is to get some additional information from your system.

If you would, please keep the dock connected to the computer with the dislays connected to the docking station (even though the two connected to DisplayPort outputs are not working) and attach the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug ( ) to an email to ‘’ with the subject line ‘Ticket #328934 - Attention Pat’ as this will allow us to examine some log files from your system to help determine the next steps.

Thanks, and I apologize for this inconvenience.

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