USB-BT4LE Wont Connect without security code



Just installed the software / drivers for the Bluetooth USB adapter (USB-BT4LE) and it finds the BT mouse without problems. However, when I then try to connect, the dialog keeps asking for the security code, when this device is designed to connect without one. There should be an option to select “connect without security code”, rathjer than diving strainght into asking for one and won’t connect without that being entered. Perhaps there is a registry key to allow this ?. It’s useless without it and have no trouble using this Mouse on other BT enabled machines…

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting your question here. I’m sorry you are having troubles connecting your mouse.

When it asks you for a security code, please try entering 0000 or 1234. These usually work.

If this doesn’t work, please let me know the make and model of your mouse.

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Plugable Support


Hi David,

Thanks for the reply, I did try various number combinations, but no luck The mouse is a cheap generic Chinese ebay special, no name, but it does have a mac address, from which you may be able to trace back to the mac address group owner = 20:14:10:16:0a:a5.

The mouse connects fine to a CF-29 laptop, where one of the steps in the connect process involves a page asking for the serial number, or select none at all. We don’t have that option with the broadcom software and it won’t proceed unless the correct code is entered. The software has no problem finding the mouse if it’s put into discovery mode, so its at least it’s partly working.

If there are no menu options to allow a none serial number selection, are there any registry keys that could be edited to allow that ?..

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Hi, David,

More progress. I uninstalled the downloaded software / drivers, deleted everything etc, rebooted, then reinstalled from the cdrom that came with the device. No idea why, but now working. Os on the target machine is Server 2003 btw, which isn’t on the approved list, but it does work, which may be useful if you get asked.

Thanks for your help with this in any case…




Hi Chris,

I’ve been doing some research into this, and it seems to be an odd situation that Windows can get into with Bluetooth. The WIndows Bluetooth stack is sometimes weird like this.

Could you please try uninstalling WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software from Programs and Features, then reinstall it from this link:…

If that does not work, please run our Plugdebug program with the Bluetooth adapter installed and send the resulting file to us at Please put “Plugdebug for ticket 99010” as the subject. Here is the link to Plugdebug:




Hi Chris,

I’m glad it worked!

Officially, Bluetooth isn’t supported in Windows Server 2003. I wonder if that had something to do with it.




Perhaps, but most likely windows just got itself confused, maybe not enough reboots etc. Ws2k3 and xp are quite similar and some of the drivers, while not “officially” supported across the two, seem to work fine.

If you need the functionality etc :-)…