USB 3 Hub POWERED for iMac 27 running 10.8.2 NEED MORE PORTS!

Looking for USB 3.0 hub powered/unpowered? for my iMac 27 running 10.8.2
is their anything here? It’s going to reside at the desktop-not portable, just running out of concretion on my iMac, and…want another printer/iPod connection and maybe 1-2 more. Or would a 2.0 hub work and do I need a POWERED HUB

With sound/keyboard/DVD/printer now connected…no place to plug in another printer/ipod…recommendations would be appreciated

Hi Steve-

Both our latest USB 3.0 hubs are powered, so they support devices like USB storage without their own power supply better than non-powered hubs can. You can see them at the link below: 3.0 Hubs

Both have also been reported to work well on USB 3.0 Macs running the latest OS X updates, and the 7 port unit already ships with firmware that works well with Macs. The 4 port unit could still need a firmware upgrade that is available only on Windows to work well on OS X, so unless you are comfortable/familiar with updating firmware and have a Windows system to apply this update with, the 7 port is probably a better choice.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

thanks for the great information…glad you took the time…I’m now going to purchase this because you resolved my compatibility issue, and a great product for future needs.