USB 3 (2.0) to 3.5mm audio solution

Love Plugable products! But you have a lot of them… can you tell me if you have a solution for connecting a Lenovo Tab 11 (via USB C) to a 3.5mm audio jack either as a cable or through some kind of docking station. I don’t want to use Bluetooth. The Tab 11 is also running Android 11. I know there are third party options on Amazon but i want to use Plugable as i trust your brand.

Thank you for your help.



Hello Will,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this! I’m glad to see that we have products that work for you, and I’d be glad to help you. We don’t have a single product to get this job done, but, you could use our USB-AUDIO adapter with our USBC-AF3 adapter to plug it into the USBC port on the tablet.

We haven’t tested this tablet specifically, and can’t guarantee this will work, but android overall has the drivers to use the adapter. You may need to go into your audio settings for both the tablet and any apps you’re using to set the adapter as the default device. Amazon does have a 30-day return window if this setup just doesn’t work. I hope this helps you! Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you,

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