USB 3.0 hub?

I came across your USB hubs on Amazon while shopping for a reliable and sufficiently powered hub. I’ll be ordering either the 7 or 10 port USB 2.0 hub. I especially like the level of technical detail supplied about your products – even down to the chipset used!

I’m curious about the status of USB 3.0 hubs. I only see a few available from other manufacturers, and they all seem to have problems. What’s the future of USB 3.0 hubs? Will Plugable be making one?

Thanks so much for the kind words!

We will have USB 3.0 hubs in our product line, but have no announcement yet on launch date. We’ve been working with several chipsets and designs to understand and work out those kinks you’ve been seeing with the other products.

Overall, we’re seeing USB 3.0 overall maturing at a good clip. But on the downside, we think some specific compatibility problems will get more challenging in the short term, as a flood of different USB 3.0 chipsets (hub controller and other) are entering the market right now.

Our goal as always is to deliver the best product possible, and then through a combination of documenting any issues up front and providing public support after, protect our customers from any of the quirks that might mar an otherwise great experience.

Thanks again for posting, and thanks for going out of your way for us. We really appreciate it!