USB 3.0 Hub working at 2.0 speeds

I have a USB 3.0 Super Speed Hub and plugged it into a proven USB 3.0 Port. I’m only getting USB 2.0 speeds. I’m currently using a USB 3.0 WD Disk drive and a USB3.0 flash drive successfully on that USB 3.0 card.
Device Manager shows a Renesas Electronics USB 2.0 and 3.0 Hub when the Plugable Hub is installed.
The cable is not kinked or wrapped around any other cables.
Any suggestions?

Hi Wordmark,

Thanks for your post regarding the speed of your USB 3.0 superspeed hub. I’d just like to verify that you are using the USB3.0 cable that came with the hub. Also, because USB3.0 is not as mature as USB2.0, it’s important to be sure all of the drivers and firmware in the chain are the most current available. In order to update the firmware in your hub, please visit this link to download the USB 3 Firmware Upgrade Tool. Once the update tool has completed you’ll need to unplug both the power and the USB3.0 cable in order to completely reset the hub.

Once you have your hub running the latest firmware, you should see improvements.

Let me know how it goes, we’re here to help!!!


I upgraded the WD Passport firmware to 1.016 from 1.015. Its acting differently. the light on the hub is on almost all the time. It blinks occasionally. But the system still has not recognized the drive. If I plug it into a USB 2.0 port it works and if I plug it into a USB 3.0 port without the hub, it also works.

Ready for this!
If I unplug the power to the hub and plug the Western Digital drive in to the hub, it works perfectly at 3.0 speeds.

That’s what I love about computers, they work so hard to give us unique challenges.

Any ideas?


Hi Wordmark,

That is peculiar! I’ll do some experiments here and see if I can recreate what you are seeing. I’m wondering though, did you upgrade the firmware on the hub itself? It should be at rev. .88 or higher.

Let me know about the hub firmware and I’ll see what I can discover regarding that strange behavior.


I did the firmware update and it said “competed successfully”. I checked that the firmware is updated to 8.8

Meanwhile it works fine without the power cable plugged in. I’m afraid to plug any more USB3.0 devices in it for fear of a power overload. If I plug in the power cable, the system loses recognition of the WD device. If I unplug the power cable it in recognizes it, assigns a drive letter and it works perfectly.

Biazarre is a good word for this.