USB 3.0 Hub and USB 2.0 Adapters not showing on correct monitors

I am trying to display 11 different image slides across 11 different monitors in chronological order. When displaying the slides, there is a problem in the way they are presented. On one computer, the monitors display the slides in a random order, and when I switch to another computer, a different random order of the slides is presented. There seems to be no reason or pattern for why the slides are displayed this way. The adapters are plugged into the hub in the correct order as instructed and in Control Panel, I have the monitors extended in the correct order. I have been continuously troubleshooting the problem and suspect there could be some formatting issues with the plugable. Could you give me additional insight and information on why this could be happening and if there is any way we could manually set the order for which the monitors are displayed?

Hello Kyle,

Thank you for being a loyal customer and for contacting us. I am very sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your display adapter, but I will be happy to assist you.

Unfortunately you are fighting a war that is very difficult to win. Once Windows detects a monitor and enumerates it, there is nothing else you can do in terms of manually setting the order (or “identity numbers”) of monitors. I have tried to correct this in registry but it was a hopeless en-devour and I ended up ruining my operating system.

The only solution for this (and it is silly!) is to reload the system and to enumerate the monitors in the order you want them to be.

Kind regards,
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