USB 3.0 - 4k Blu ray (HDR) @60Hz

I am currently planning to get a future-proof home theater system. I load everything into my home NAS. The Amp I’ll be getting WILL support 4k@60Hz with HDR. I connect extra portable hard drives to my NAS for additional storage. Will I be able to watch 4k Bluray w/ HDR content if the related media is stored in a portable hard disc which has USB 3.0?

Hope that someone can help me with my frustration. Thank you in advanced!

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for posting!

I not quite sure I follow how you intend to integrate our Plugable USB video adapters based on your description. Even though I am not clear on the specifics I do not believe our USB video adapters will be a good fit so I do not recommend them for your setup.

Our USB 4K video adapters support a refresh rate of 30Hz (as opposed to the 60Hz you mention) and they do not support HDCP which is required for playing back protected content like BluRay discs, so they would not work in your setup.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound overly negative, but we like to set honest expectations up front to help prevent frustration further down the road.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

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