USB-2 shows in Plugable Digital Viewer as an option, but when selected it does not work

I plugged the USB to my laptop with Windows 10 and I cannot make it work. I select the USB as a camera option in the Plugable Digital Viewer but the image captured is still from my Integrated Webcam. Also, there is no light in the pluggable device… does it turn on only if it works?

Thanks for reaching out!

The basic steps to get this working are:

  1. Download software
  2. Install software
  3. Attach microscope
  4. Launch software.

The software is available on our website. This page includes video instructions for each supported operating system.

If a webcam is already present on your computer, you may also have to select the appropriate device from the software’s settings menu. This menu is accessed by clicking the grey cogwheel icon:

Warning | The device names in this menu may be incorrect, please try every available option until you see the microscope preview.

Let me know at what point you’re having issues, and I can help with additional instructions!

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