USB 2.0 UGA not installing drivers

Hi I am trying to get your USB 2.0 UGA working. Win 7 auto update did not download drivers, so I installed from CD. when I plug in device, nothing happens. Device appears in device manager. I uninstalled CD drivers and installed new 5.6 M1 drivers, then plug in and still nothing. Win 7 says drivers are not installed. Please help

Hi Mark!

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that our USB Display Adapter is giving you trouble! We’ll get you up and running!

You say the device appears in the Device Manager. What is the exact name you see for the device? If you right click on the device and click ‘Properties’, then click on ‘Driver’ what is the ‘Driver Version’ ?

Our suggestion at this point would be to:
a) Make sure all drivers are uninstalled via the Control Panel
b) If that fails, use the DisplayLink Install Cleaner
c) After the cleaner is done, reboot the computer, and install 5.6 M1.

Let us know if this helps!