USB 2.0 UGA display adapter not working

The above product power light is not coming on.
I have checked and the driver is up to date.
I also checked my USB driver and that is also up to date.
It came on briefly and an installation took place.
When I restarted the laptop the adapter has not come on.
I take the USB out and reinsert and nothing happens.
The light on my monitor is blinking. When I remove the adapter it goes continuous.
I am running Windows 8.1
I bought adapter from Amazon UK.
Please advise.

Further to above, I have run the DisplayLink Support Tool and it reports the Device is not attached.
I have tried the other USB ports and the light still does not come on.

Email their customer support. They have great support team here. I had a problem, w/ docking station, they shipped me a new in a day, and payed shipping and all. They are a good company to do business with

Thanks Damon - will do

Hi David,

Thanks for posting here! And for sending us an email at I’ve responded to the email you sent and as soon as you reply to it, we can figure out the best steps to resolve the issue quickly.


Thanks for the kind words, Damon! :slight_smile: