USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader not recognized by Windows 7

I have a new Windows 7 64-bit PC, and tried to use my new USB 2.0 Multi-Card Reader. Windows 7 attempted to access the device, and it looks like it configured some part of it, but in the end, I get a message saying, “USB Device not Recognized”.

I should note that I also have my old Windows XP machine, and when I plugged the device into it, it was recognized just fine. So, the problem appears to be related to Windows 7, perhaps because of the 64-bit operating system, since I noticed that a Windows Vista user also reported a similar issue.

I’d like to get this device to work if I can rather than return it and getting something else.

Thanks for your help!

~ Richard

Upon reviewing system logs, we determined that this was a faulty device. Sent out a replacement and everything is now working perfectly!