USB 2.0 Gbit Adapter (AX88178) on Moto X Pure 2015?

The compatibility table on the page ( says it works on the 1st gen Moto X; seems unlikely that it wouldn’t work on the later models. Anyone verified that this adapter does–or does–work on the Moto X Pure 2015?

Hi Steve,

We are sorry but we haven’t tested the Moto X 2nd gen yet with this USB2-E1000 gigabit adapter.

Have you already tested the USB2-E1000 adapter, but found it didn’t work?
If so, could you let me know which Android version is the Moto X using?

Just for your information, as far as we have tested, our USB2-OTGE100 (AX88772) is compatible with Moto X 2nd gen.

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