USB 2.0 Docking Station - Monitor offset from native display

When I drag a window (W7) from one monitor to my native laptop display, it’s placement is vertically offset - the top half of the window is cut off as I drag it.
Very frustrating.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help.

Typically, what you’re describing would be because the two monitors have a different resolution or have been configured in Windows to be offset.

You can control how Windows positions the monitors via Win7’s Screen Resolution control panel, which looks like this picture:


On the control panel, you can drag around the various monitors to set their “virtual” position relative to each other, and/or change their resolution to be max/native or match each other. Try that and click “Apply”. You’ll see Windows adjust. Try dragging a window from display to display now to see the difference.

Another good trick with Windows 7 is to use the key combination shift-windows-right arrow and shift-windows-left arrow.

These hotkeys can quickly move a window from one monitor to the other, while trying to position the window is the same relative place on each monitor.

This video might also be a little bit of a help:…

Hope that background helps. Let us know if you have any trouble - thanks again for asking!