USB 2.0 Display Adapter does not work after a Windows update!

I bought 3 USB2.0 display adapters and installed one and it worked. I shut down the laptop as there was a windows update and after this all I get is a flickering arrow on the laptop screen. I tired another USB device, another cable and the same result. The green light does not even come on. I tried to reinstall the driver but I am not able to as it says it is up to date.
I am so very disappointed.

Can you help?

Bobby Zachariah

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for posting here! Is it the laptop screen that is not displaying or the monitor connected through the Plugable UGA-2K-A?

What is the version of DisplayLink drivers installed on the system?

Could you run the DisplayLink support tool (instructions here:… ) and email the generated .zip to along with a link to this thread?

It will give us a better insight as to what is going on. Once we analyze the .zip, we will figure out the next steps.