USB 2.0 causes broadcast storm on network

We have purchased about 15 of the USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapters (USB2-E100). All are being used with Windows 10 laptops that do not have an internal Ethernet port. We have noticed that after being connected for some period of time to a switch, the USB 2.0 adapter creates a broadcast storm that effectively disables the switch. Once the Ethernet connection to the switch to disconnected and the switch rebooted, network operation resumes to normal. Once we noticed a pattern, we tested and verified that the USB 2.0 adapter is the source of the network issue. If the device is removed from the network, the broadcast storms are not initiated by any other device and the network remains functional for an indefinite period of time. We have used the driver that comes with Windows 10 - have not download and used driver from web site, as the site says the driver is built into Windows 10.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your post about the USB2-E100. I am sorry to hear that there are network problems that seem to be generating from the USB2-E100 or the computer it is attached to. I would like to help.

This is not normal, and not something we have had other reports ove.

Could you run our diagnostic program? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help me understand what is happening.

To do this, please have the adapter plugged into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Once you get the file, please send it to the address located at and use the subject line “For Ticket #154791

Of course, if it turns out something is wrong with the adapter, we will get a replacement out to you right away.



I did a manual driver update and selected the latest driver from the chipset manufacturer’s website. I did that around 10 AM this morning (6 hours ago). Since updating the driver, no broadcast storms have been noted. Now, the device was connected for over a day before it took down the network yesterday, so I will have to wait to be certain the new driver solved the issue. In the meantime, I will collect the debug info and send it via email as instructed. I do not believe it is a defective adapter, as we had several behave this way. I happen to have one isolated that I was using on laptop that just updated to Win 10 Anniversary. We were making sure there were no issues related to the upgrade when we experienced the broadcast storm yesterday. Not sure if the W10 upgrade changed the driver. Will keep you posted.



Hi Pat,

Thanks for the update!

I’m glad to hear it seems like things are working better with the new driver. I hope for good news. Looking forward to any any updates you have.

We applied the driver update and the adapter still creates a broadcast storm taking down the connected switch. It has done it a total of 3 times. Today, the laptop that is connected to the USB adapter is OFF, but the USB adapter is still plugged into the USB port and the Ethernet cable was still connected to the switch. I just noticed that the network was down for the devices connected to my switch (3 laptops). Once I disconnected the USB adapter from the laptop, the network recovered about 10 seconds later.

I will run the diagnostics that was provided in the first message and send over the file.

Prior to running the diagnostic, we connected a different USB Ethernet adapter (AUKEY using a Realtek USB GbE driver). We have had that one connected for about 10 hours - no issues yet. If the broadcast storm does not come back, we can eliminate the switch (Netgear 8 port unmanaged) from being the culprit. Tomorrow we will plug the Plugable adapter back in and when the network goes down, we will run it to capture the data.

Hello Patrick,

I have not seen logs sent over as of yet, please try to get them to me and let me know how things are going.