USB 2.0 10 port hub

When will this product be slated to go EOL?



Thanks for your post! At this time, we have no plans for the USB2-HUB10C2 to be End of Life in the future.

If you are interested in any volume purchases, we offer direct pricing and purchasing here:

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Derek Nuzum
Plugable Technologies

this is good news. We’re actually very disappointed that moving up to your USB 3.0, that it is not mtt. What other 3.0 Hubs you might have that is mtt?


Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any USB 3.0 hubs that support MTT. This is a limitation of the VIA chipsets that are found in our USB 3.0 hub lineup. We’ll definitely keep MTT in mind as a requested feature from multiple users that have contacted us in our research for alternative hub options in the future.

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Derek Nuzum
Plugable Technologies

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