Unplugged it once and hasn't work since?

I unplugged the docketing station temporarily from the electrical outlet while I was installing a new TV. After plugging the station back in, my external monitor won’t work as it did be for, with either of the computers that I used. I tried reconnecting everything from scratch and it still doesn’t work. I also tried running a software update, which didn’t work.
Any suggestions?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for contacting us! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this problem.

Are there any signs of life from the docking station? In particular, is the blue power LED on the front lit? When you plug it into your PC, does Windows/Mac see any of the attached devices (e.g. connect a USB mouse or something that’s easy to test)? And when you plug a device like a mouse into the dock, does the green LED below the blue power LED also light up?

Thanks for doing these quick double-checks and letting us know. If it looks like the unit is fried, we’d be happy to get you a replacement. Just email your Amazon order # to support@plugable.com and we can get that going.

Thank you!