Unable to start transfer from windows 7 pc to windows 7 laptop

I have pludded the USB cables into each machine and when I press “transfer” this message appears:- “Your new computer might not be connected to the domain” . I thought this was just plug & play ? have i missed out on loading anything? Help appreciated. Thanx.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for posting. We’ll be able to help.

Just to make sure, you have our Plugable USB Easy Transfer Cable (http://plugable.com/products/usb-easy… ). Is that right? If you have something else, let us know as we might be able to help.

One of the advantages of the USB easy transfer cable is you don’t need to worry about network, domains, etc. So if you’ve gotten to a UI that’s talking about that, then somehow you’ve gotten off track.

Can you unplug/replug again and follow our step-by-step post here:

And let us know what # step things seem to go south?


Hi Bernie
I plug USB into desktop and laptop and get the screen on both screens and they allow me to pick the “old” and “new” pc’s and I am able to choose what to transfer and it goes thru the process of seeing what I can transfer but as soon as I press the “transfer” button in the bottom right hand corner of the “new” pc it again comes up with the error message “ … Your new computer might not be connected to the device “ !!! no idea why this is happening as it is quite a simple process. I then tried again by just selecting my Desktop files and it started to transfer and after 5 minutes it came up with a message … “transfer failed” … this is not good after buying it as it was supposed to be so simple.

What next?



Hi Robin,

Could you email your amazon order # to support@plugable.com? We want to make sure you have the right product and using the right software for that product. We’ll be we’ll be able to tell what you have from the order #.

For Windows 7 to Windows 7 transfers of a full account, we recommend using Microsoft’s built in software, rather than Bravura, because the Microsoft UI offers less options (and thus less ways to go wrong).

Thanks for emailing us that order # so we can make sure, and get you back on the right path.


Hi Bernie, i de-selected the 2 other options for transfer and just selected “my desktop” and it seem to work ok, it was just abit misleading giving me the option to transfer 2 other options that stopped it working but all is fine now, thank you for your help. Robin

Hi Robin - Thanks for letting us know!