Ultrabook/thin n light to power 3 external 1080p monitors with Plugable docking station

Hi. I am trying to setup my home office with one ultrabook/thin&light pc powering 3 external 1080p monitors (all 3 are hdmi/dvi). The ultrabook has 2 x USB3.0 ports and 1 miniDP out with a native res of 1080p…It’s a DELL XPS 13 haswell with Intel HD 4400 graphics on board.

Do I understand correctly that I can connect one of the external monitors directly via the ultrabook’s mini DP out (with an hdmi converter) and use the Plugable docking station to connect the other 2 external monitors as well? This would give me all 3 externals running at 1080p @ 60hz and the ultrabooks own screen also running at 1080p?

Hi Sadiq,

Thanks for getting in contact with us, I’d be more than happy to answer your question regarding our USB 3.0 docking stations.

Yes, you are correct. Using a UD-3900 docking station (www.plugable.com/products/ud-3900), you can acheive a setup in which the Dell XPS 13 is running 3 external monitors. Two will be connected to the docking station and the final third monitor will be connected via the Dell XPS mini-DisplayPort.


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