Uk pricing rip-off?

UK pricing comes out as £1 to 1$. so the GBP price is £99. By current exchange rates it should be closer to £65. looks like a rip-off to me so probably won’t be buying one from here.

Hi wixi108,

Thanks for posting here! We are a US based company and our products are the cheapest when sold (and delivered) within the United States.

For delivery in any other country, there are additional logistical costs like shipping costs from US and import duties that have to be incurred in getting the product physically into that country and warehousing it there. Hence the final price that you see is not by using a currency converter but based on actual costs incurred.

Most of our products are eligible for global shipping on So if you think that the pricing in US is cheaper, please do feel free to place an order for the product on will pass on the shipping and import charges to you in addition to the listed price of the product.

Please do feel free to shoot us an email at if you need any information regarding our products.