UGA-4KHDMI not displaying correctly with HDMI to DVI on Dell 3007WFPT Monitor

I just purchased the UGA-4KHDMI plugable and it is not displaying on my Dell monitor. The Display Manager detects the monitor correctly and shows me the “3007WFPT” but I keep on just getting jumbled lines across the screen. I even tried a lower resolution (default resolution is 2560x1600) but no luck. It looks like it is back to the CRT days when it would trace across the screen trying to refresh. It is connected via an HDMI to DVI connector.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting, and thanks for the great information about your setup and the behavior you are seeing.

Looking at the manual for your Dell monitor here ->… on page seven it shows that this particular display requires a dual-link DVI connection in order to work. Our UGA-4KHDMI adapter’s output does not support being converted to a dual-link DVI video signal and we do our best to point this out in the forth information bullet of our Amazon product page ->

Unfortunately that means our adapter won’t be a good solution for your monitor (in fact none of our products support dual-link DVI). All is not lost however as we offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy on all of our products sold by Plugable Technologies and shipped by Amazon using the automated system here ->

Please let me know if that information helps!

Plugable Technologies