UGA-3000 keeps turning monitor off AND get static lines until turn monitor off and back on

UGA-3000 keeps turning monitor off. I have three monitors (all three Samsung C32F91). One connected by Intel 630, one by Fresco Logic IDDCX adapter and the third by UGA-3000. ONLY the UGA 3000 keeps turning off monitor and I have to move the monitor, and hard turn off and back on for the monitor to be availaable, over and over and over.

AND second issue is I get static lines on the monitor connected by the UGA-3000 when the monitors have gone asleep and come back on after moving mouse or hitting any key. It is only a problem with the UGA-3000, and I have connected all the monitors to each video output and the same thing. When it does come back on after sleep the UGA-3000 connected monitor has flickering "static lines (not sure what the right technical term is), until I turn monitor off and back on. Thank you. Other than these two issues the UGA-3000 works great and I would buy more for another computer, but not if these problems can’t be fixed. Thank you.

Thanks for reaching out!

This is likely happening because you have Fresco and DisplayLink adapters attached to the same system. These technologies are incompatible with each other, as they use similar methods to function and will compete for resources. The only solution here is to either completely uninstall the hardware and drivers for one of the two.

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