UGA 3000 issues on Dell precision M4800

My Pluggable UGA 3000 is working fine in my personal laptop which is on windows 10. My office laptop Dell precision M4800 with windows 8.1 having issues with this device.

I am trying to connect two monitors…

  1. One through regular HDMI
  2. Other through Pluaggbale USB 3.0 (HDMI to USB)

But both are not workign at the same time…

I have disconnect one if I have to make it other work
Not sure why

Im disappointed with this

Hi Giribabu,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry your adapter isn’t working as expected with your Dell system, and I would be happy to help.

Thanks for letting me know that the adapter is working fine on your personal laptop running Windows 10, that lets us know the hardware is working properly. To the behavior with your Dell, at first glance this may be caused by the hybrid graphics setup in your laptop or possibly out of date drivers for the two internal graphics adapters (upon which our adapter depends).

The first step to isolate the behavior would be to temporarily disable either the AMD or Nvidia GPU in Device Manager but leave the Intel GPU enabled and then reboot the system and test the behavior again. Again this assumes your system does in fact have a hybrid graphics setup, as it appears to from the specifications ->…

** If your system does not have a hybrid graphics setup and there is no Intel adapter do not do this step **

Let us know if that helps, and we’ll go from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies