UGA-2k for 1st Ext monitor AND laptops "external monitor port" for 2nd ext monitor

I am currently using my laptop external monitor port to drive one external monitor. I would like to keep that in place and then use UGA-2K to run a 2nd external monitor.

IS it okay to use the external monitor port for the 1st monitor, at the same time as using the UGA_2K for a 2nd external monitor?


Note: my laptop is HP Pavilion g7 1033CL, under Windows 7 64bit

Hi Ed,

Thanks for posting your question here! Yes, you can use the inbuilt video output port of the laptop to connect one external monitor and a Plugable UGA-2K-A to connect the second external monitor to the HP Pavilion G7 laptop at the same time. There would be no issues at all.

Do feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at if you need any addional information. We are here to help!


Works great, Thanks