UGA-2K-A won't go above 1920 x 1200

I have a Gateway laptop running Windows 7 with the following specs:
i5 processor
8 GB memory
500GB hard drive.
I’m connected to 3 monitors - 1 Dell U3011 and 2 Dell U2311H.
All of the monitors are running on USB graphics adapters with DisplayLink chips, but only the Dell U3011 is running a Plugable.
The maximum resolution for the Dell U3011 is 2560x1600.
I realize the Plugable UGA-2K-A will not go quite that high, but the highest available screen resolution is 1920x1200.
Please help

Hi Warren,

Thanks for posting! I can totally understand your confusion. Here is some background that explains why the highest available screen resolution is 1920 x 1200 instead of 2048 x 1152 (highest resolution supported by Plugable UGA-2K-A) -:

When a monitor is connected to a system, it provides an EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) which describe its capabilities. The EDID contains all the modes that are supported by the monitor including its native mode.

Windows Screen resolution control panel will list all the resolution modes that are commonly supported by both the monitor and the Graphics Adapter through which it is connecting.

In your setup, the native mode of the Dell U3011 is 2560x1600. The maximum resolution supported by the Plugable UGA-2K-A when connecting through DVI is 2048×1152. The native resolution is not supported by the DisplayLink DL-195 chip in our Plugable UGA-2K-A and the monitor does not support the maximum resolution (2048 x 1152) that is offered by it.

Here the highest common mode is 1920 x1200. Hence Windows Screen Resolution Control Panel will list that as the highest resolution that you can set for the Dell U3011. If you were connecting a monitor which supported 2048 x 1152, that would have been the highest resolution that you could set.

Hope the above information helps! If you need any additional information or help regarding any of our products, feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at We are here to help!


When does Plugable plan to have an adapter with the new DisplayLink DL-3500 chip that will handle 2560x1600?

Hi Warren,

Thanks for asking! We don’t have any dates to announce yet, but those adapters are coming over the next 2-6 months (from us and other vendors).

Note that 2560x1600 will likely only be supported only with a USB 3.0 to DisplayPort adapter initially (Which the Dell U3011 does support, so you’ll be good).

Thanks again,

Are there any products out there that could help me get max resolution on the monitor from my laptop (HDMI, USB2.0 and USB3.0 capable)?

For products available on the market today, I’m not aware of any (assuming your laptop’s GPU and inbuilt HDMI port are not capable of 2560x1600). Sorry.