I connected my 40" LCD HDTV to the UGA-2K-A via HDMI and when I choose detect, it says there is no monitor. When I change display resolution I get a quick flash of bars on the TV, but no picture. What do I need to do?

Hi Gary,

Thanks for posting! We’ll work to help.

The “detect” button is actually designed for the 2nd video connector on your laptop - it re-polls that to try to detect if a display is there. And if there isn’t, it creates a grey “phantom” display in the control panel which can be confusing (you should just ignore it). USB is plug and play, so the detect button has no meaning for USB attached displays.

A couple questions:

* Can you post the make and model of your TV? Some TVs have limited “PC compatibility” (usually limited to the VGA connector if it has it, etc.)
* Does your TV have a VGA input, in addition to HDMI?

And with that, we’ll try to look up the manual for the TV and figure out if we can get the two talking.

Thanks for your patience while we work this with you!

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for your reply. The problem appears to be related to the USB hub. I plugged the UGA-2K-A directly into the laptop at which point the drivers downloaded again and re-installed. At that point with the TV attached, it was recognized and worked perfectly. I then was able to attach the UGA-2K-A back to the USB hub and it still worked fine. The other thing that may have been an issue is that I did not have the TV attached to the UGA-2K-A the first time the drivers were installed.
The UGA-2K-A does exactly what I was looking for. I can share Picasa slide shows from my laptop on the big TV with my friends.

Glad to have you up and running - thanks Gary!