UGA-2k-a USB 2.0 display adapter not working correctly


I recently bought a new dell optiplex 790 pc that includes a amd radeon hd 6350 display adapter. I also have 6 plugable usb 2.0 adapters that i bought. I hooked them up to my older pc and they worked fine.

However i am having trouble hooking them up to my new dell pc. I can successfully get 1 to work correctly after installing all the drivers. But when i plug the 2nd one in, the 1st one disappears and neither of them get read.


Hi Jonathan,

I’m sorry to hear that your 6 Plugable USB 2.0 display adapters aren’t integrating smoothly with your new machine. Can your say more about your setup? I’m wondering which Operating System you have, which USB Graphics Adapters and which model they are, and how they are connected to the computer? Is it through a hub and if so, is it a powered hub?

if you start Device Manager, then plug in one of your adapters do you see it listed under USB Display Adapters? When you add the second, what happens?

Try starting with just two and connect them directly to the computer. If it still fails, run the DisplayLink Support tool and forward the .zip file that it creates over to

Here’s instructions on how:…

Let me know how it goes.
Thanks for your patience,

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I am on a windows 7 ultimate SP1 machine, I have 6 usb ports in the back and 4 in the front. I have a dongle that is connected to 2 monitors already. So the first adapter makes 3. I am using model # UGA-2K-A.

I plug the first one in. The 3rd monitor displays correctly, and It shows up in the usb display adapters and shows plugable uga-2k-a. Also in the display settings. It shows 3 monitors available

Once i add the second, the screen blacks out every 5 seconds, then comes back, and only 2 of the monitors work. Howerver the device manager lists that i have 2 usb display adapters. The display settings only shows that i have 2 active monitors and cant detect any new ones. If i unplug the 2nd usb adapter, it goes back to 3 monitors automatically, and seems fine again.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the additional detail. Can you say more about how the first two monitors are connected to the computer. What type of dongle are you connecting to? What happens if you connect only one monitor to the computer’s graphics system and then add multiple USB display adapters?

Let me know if this makes a difference,


Its a digital dvi dongle, so that you can connect 2 dvi monitors.

I took off one of the monitors from the dongle. The 1st usb adapter works fine. Same thing happens when i plug in the 2nd. Blacks out ever 5 seconds, and Only shows 1 monitor in the device manager.

Hi jonathan,

Thanks again for the additional details and the log files. Here’s the first couple of things that come to mind~

  1. When you’ve plugged in the second UGA-2K-A, what happens if your press the Windows key and the “P” key at the same time. This allows you to choose extended mode. It’s possible that the extended screens are disabled. You can also click on the DisplayLink icon and make sure that each monitor is set to extend when you attach a new one.

  2. Is it possible to test with a powered hub? The symptoms are very similar to a low power situation and plugging in the USB Graphics Adapters into a powered hub will narrow down if this is the case.

Thanks for taking these additional troubleshooting steps.

Let me know how it goes, and we’ll figure out what’s next.

Thanks again,

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