UGA-2K-A - Monitor attached with VGA not recognized

I have added (or at least tried to) a number 3 monitor with the UGA-2K-A. I currently have it attached to my third monitor with a VGA cable. At first it did not recognize the monitor at all. I verified the cable was good by substituting this monitor for my number 2 monitor. While I had it hooked up as number 2, I defaulted the number 3 monitor to only look for a VGA connection. I then rehooked it up as number 3. I restarted my computer and it did recognize number 3. It seemed to be working…however when I put the computer to sleep and then woke it up it did not recognize number 3. I completely turned the computer off and restarted it and it worked that one day. The next 2 days I tried again, multiple times, and the 3 monitor is not recognized.
I’m running windows 7 and using IE9.

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for posting here! It would be very helpful if you could capture and send us the DisplayLink log file, it gives us detailed information on how your system is setup and helps us narrow down the problem. Step by step instructions on how to collect this log file can be found here:…

You can send the zip file to with a link to this thread and we’ll take a look to determine next steps!