UGA-2K-A Flickers

The monitor connected to my Plugable UGA-2K-A intermittently blanks out. It will flash on and off quite a few times the stay on for a while. Sometimes I have to unplug it for it to stabilize.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for posting, and sorry you’re seeing this problem! We’ll get you up and running!

Can you give us some more details on the flashing?
* Is it flickering randomly or only with specific applications? e.g. only when videos running?
* What OS are you using? What kind of computer?
* Have you been seeing this since you got the UGA-2K-A or it just recently started?
* What is your primary graphics card model?
* When it flashes, does it flash to a specific color? Do you see any kind of artifacts? e.g. horizontal or vertical lines?

As soon as we have this information we can suggest next troubleshooting steps!


* Flickering is random
* Windows 7 64bit on a Clevo D900F
* Has always happened
* nvidia GeForce GTX 280M - Driver Date: 4/7/2011, Driver Version
* Screen goes blank/black. I am seeing artifacts also. Usually they are at the bottom of the effected monitor and some times it appears as if the outer edges of the screen have been rolled in to the center of the screen.

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately it sounds like you’ve hit a bad unit :frowning:

Please send us an e-mail at with your Amazon order number and valid address and we’ll send you a replacement unit as soon as possible.