UGA-2K-A displaying garbage--something shorting out inside unit?

I’ve been using my UGA-2K-A unit for less than 3 months (shipped from Amazon on March 31, 2001). After some initial driver problems, it has worked fine, allowing me to keep using a laptop whose external VGA port quit working (since my work requires the use of a projector quite often). Thanks for providing this great device!

About 2 weeks ago, however, it started displaying garbage on the external display connected to the unit. It doesn’t typically happen right away–the display is fine for a few minutes. Eventually, however, it start getting jittery ghosting, duplicate images, “snow”, and other odd “garbage” across the display. Wiggling the USB cable where it enters the display adapter sometimes helps, but eventually the “snow” returns.

I’ve replaced the USB cord, tried using a different USB port on my laptop (and I know they all work, as I’ve connected other USB devices without any trouble), and even tried it on a different computer. It’s definitely a problem with the device. Amazon won’t let me return it because it’s been more than a month since I bought it, but I know it’s still under your warranty.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can get this resolved quickly, and I can keep using your device. Thanks!


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that our UGA-2K-A is giving you trouble!

From your troubleshooting it definitely sounds like you’ve hit a bad unit! Sorry about that!

No worries about the return! Send us an e-mail at including your:
a) Amazon Order ID
b) Serial number of the unit (to be found on the back of the unit)
c) Your current address, so we can send out the replacement
and we’ll take care of you, irregardless of the Amazon returns!

Couple of questions:
* Does it seem that the problem happens on all display resolutions?
* Does it happen with specific applications? e.g. only on videos?

Thank you for your patience through this process and again sorry that you’ve experienced this!


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’m impressed with your customer service! I’ve emailed the information you requested, including answers to the questions at the bottom. I look forward to a prompt resolution to this problem!