UGA-165 Blue Screen after reboot on Win7

I installed a plugable UGA-165 on a windows 7 machine and as soon as I reboot as it requests me to do, I get a blue screen. I have to perform a system restore to resolve the issue. I used the drivers that install automatically 5.x and I also tried downloading/installing 6.1 and same result. What should I do?

I realized I had installed drivers for another USB graphics adapter and they were still there after I installed the displaylink drivers. Removing the other vendors drivers solve the issue. This adapter from plugable is so much better than my old one, the clarity and resolution are far superior! But they should really put a big warning message to uninstall other vendors drivers before attempting to install theirs.

Hi burnsms,

Thanks for posting here! Glad to know that uninstalling the non-DisplayLink based USB Graphics drivers fixed the issue.

Because Windows (prior to Win 8) doesn’t have a driver model for USB graphics devices, different USB technology drivers can easily step on each others’ toes. Mixing graphics drivers from the different USB technology providers (the big three are DisplayLink, SMSC, and MCT) can be problematic and is not recommended.

Thanks for the feedback. We will try to make this information more visible for future customers.

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I heard in the review of your products that your customer service was excellent but I didn’t expect to get a reply on a Saturday. You’ve exceeded my expectations, thanks for the followup. Have a great weekend.