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Hey there,
What’s the best place to chat to somebody about the udlfb project?




Hi Martyn,

Thanks for reaching out! Actually, go ahead and ask any questions here. Our responses here are well indexed by search engines. Or, if you need to contact us privately, just email support@plugable.com anytime.

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Thanks for the quick reply Bernie!

I’m attempting to use the udlfb driver with an x86 build of Android (ICS) to drive a DisplayLink 10" screen.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work as although the screen is initialised correctly, it remains “green” and fails to show the Android UI.

I tracked down an older version of the udlfb driver (0.2.3) that appears to have been specifically modified to support Android at https://sites.google.com/site/voyageo…

When compiled against the kernel I’m using, this version works but the performance is not great, so I’m trying to port the changes that were made in this older version to the latest udlfb code in the hopes that the performance will be better.

I’ve diffed against an original 0.2.3 version to see what changes were made and they seem fairly trivial (a few additional functions and some other minor changes).

However, that’s as far as I’ve managed to get, as the latest udlfb code has obviously had some major re-writes over the years that have passed since version 0.2.3 and I’m not sure how to port the changes to the new udlfb code.

Is there any chance that you could take a look at the changes and point me in the right direction?




Hi Martyn,

I wouldn’t expect any big performance gains with later versions of udlfb. And as you say, porting/merging the two driver lines would be significant work. It’s not in our own plans right now.

I would recommend using the existing Android port, and perhaps making small, incremental enhancements from there.

Sorry I don’t have a more elaborate answer. There are android mailing lists where USB graphics hardware is discussed - I would focus there for any collaboration.

Thanks again!