UD3900 USB3 on HP Envy / Windows 10 won't go to sleep

I’m seeing posts about problems getting out of sleep mode but I’m having a problem going into sleep mode. The screen blank works fine across all the monitors but when the laptop goes into sleep mode, after a few seconds, it wakes back up again. This starts a cycle of sleeping/waking. I’m running an HP Envy that started with Win 8.0 upgraded to 8.1 upgraded to 10, the plugable UD3900 USB3 dock was added later and has audio, 2 monitors, and a wireless Microsoft keyboard/mouse connected. If I disconnect the UD3900 sleep works OK, I tried just disconnecting the wireless keyboard/mouse from the dock but that didn’t help. I have confirmed and updated the DisplayLink drivers to 7.9 M3 with no effect. Everything else is working great, any suggestions?

Hello Chris,

Can you please disable selective suspend on your system to see if this makes a difference? Please go to your control panel > power options > change plan settings > USB settings and disable both instances and reboot and test your sleep function with the docking station connected to your system. Please let me know if this helps.

Hi Patric
First I should add to my earlier description that if I disable sleep mode and just blank the screen the laptop will eventually disconnect and reconnect.

I disabled the USB selective suspend for battery and powered, I tried closing the laptop to force sleep mode and it still came out of sleep mode about 1 second after going to sleep. When that didn’t work I found the Sleep–>Allow wake timers and disabled that also with no help.

Hi Chris,

I will follow up with a direct email shortly to ask for logs.