UD-ULTCDL is it compatible with Thinkpad X1 tablet 20GG002FUS?

I have an order for the Thinkpad X1 tablet model 20GG002FUS. Its backordered for a week or so. What I’ve read is that the USB C port is used for charging the tablet. This table has 2k resolution so I really want the UD-ULTCDL to work for several screens. Do you have any data on this Lenovo Tablet?

Hello Paul,

Thanks for asking. To date we have had very poor success with any Lenovo USB-C system in combination with our triple display docking station except for some of their very high end workstation notebooks. At this time we cannot recommend it for your system until Lenovo can resolve some potential issues with the BIOS on their systems allowing 3rd party devices like our dock to work.