UD-CA1w/ 2016 MacBook Pro - Devices and Network Don't Work After Sleep

Every time I wake the computer the wired network doesn’t work until I disconnect and reconnect the USB-C. Sometimes one of my two USB devices (Razer mouse or orbweaver) won’t work until I unplug them and replug them

Hello Bill,

Thanks for contacting us! Sorry to hear about these issues. I’d be happy to assist you.

Which model of the new MBP do you have? 13" non touch bar? Or the 13" or 15" with touch bar?

For the Ethernet issue, I recommend installing the latest driver for the Ethernet chipset in the dock:

For the mouse, do you have it connected to the rear USB 2.0 ports or the front USB 3.0 ports?

Thank you,

I have the 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

I am using the back USB ports for my mouse and keypad.

I’ll try the driver tonight (this is my home machine)

Okay the driver seemed to fix the network (takes about 15 seconds after opening my laptop to get internet back - slower than wifi but acceptable).

Today I haven’t seen the USB issue but I’ll watch for it.

Definitely keep me in the loop if you run into further issues!